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Behind the Scenes

As a young single mother herself, Michelle Contreras was blessed with immeasurable comfort and support, as she raised her daughter Bryana. As Bryana grew into adulthood, Michelle sensed a growing desire in her heart to comfort others in their time of need. In 2010, she moved to Tanzania Africa and has since been serving and assisting families in need and saw the difficulties and dangers of young women who become pregnant out of wedlock. It was out of this heightened desire to comfort, educate, and equip young mothers that Michelle founded Living Soul Foundation in 2014.


The Mission

Living Soul Foundation provides shelter for young mothers in distress; to educate, equip, and encourage new life as they return to their communities transformed to lead and teach others to positively impact the next generation.


The Situation

Young women, who become pregnant out of wedlock, is unfortunately common around the world. These young mothers are often marginalized, denied medical care, and discarded by their families at their time of greatest need. This can and does lead to prostitution, gender violence and loss of infant and young mothers in infant deliveries. Further, these young mothers fall victim to unhealthy emotions, unprepared to nurture and support new life into the world and are faced with homelessness, hunger, guilt, shame and deep loneliness. 


What We Do

We deliver immediate relief by providing shelter for each mother in distress. We provide interim comfort by loving and encouraging each mother to understand that they are precious, and loved by God. As we educate each mother, providing her with necessary life skills we hope to see each mother re-enter her community transformed and prepared to positively impact the next generation.

2-Year Program

The objective of our program is to return each mother and child to her community, transformed to live life as a productive member of her society.  Our program begins with young women as they experience one of the most critical and tender moments in their lives—pregnancy. By engaging them during this time period, we are better able to equip them with the knowledge and tools they need to experience love, life, hope and restoration.

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