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Fellowship Arts Program Coming Soon!!!

Updated: Apr 6

Living Soul Foundation is excited to announce our partnership with Fellowship Arts and Jim and Julie Hansen in a new and exciting vision. Since 2013, when the LSF vision was being formulated and up till now, I had a heart for the creative arts, partially because it hurts me to see communities in the name of progress lose the beauty of their cultural dance, music and traditions.

Additionally, there is a desperate need to train young people so that they are able to find work to support themselves and give them hope for their future. Jim and Julie lived here in Kigoma for four years and have been traveling back and forth to Tanzania since 2005. God has given them a similar dream - provide training and possible employment through opening a coffee shop and then using the profits to foster and develop native cultural arts.

We have seen firsthand how the arts can help children and adults alike find healing from trauma . At the LSF young mothers rescue center, we are introducing more arts into our teachings, and we can see how it is helping them heal and thrive. Only GOD could take the dream he placed on my heart long ago and give Jim and Julie a similar dream. Don’t you love that our LORD is so intimate and so faithful, that when HE presents a dream, He is prepared to see it through — and to see it through in this way, with my sweet dear friends who have never lost their love for Tanzania and its people. I just have not had the capacity to personally chase after this dream, so I’m simply in awe and over the moon at HIS love and faithfulness to bless in such a way.

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